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Citrus has long traditionally grown within the United Kingdom. Many famous orangeries have survived and are still operational today, hosting old and new citrus tress.

Before the establishment of the Citrus Friends Europe community, the Reads Nursery was the only known nursery, because seeling some rare and unusual citrus trees to some collectors and passionists. Reads Nursery was the holder oft the citrus varieties left by the famous Rivers Nursery, who once sold trees to USA and other countries, establishing thier citrus industry and being one of the most recommended sources. But after quickly after establishing the local citrus industry, local nurseries and with the ban of importing new citrus trees, Rivers Citrus collection did not realy found markets to sell their trees, and the citrus nursery was abandoned.

Global Orange Groves UK is another Citrus Nursery in UK, and the Citrus Friends Europe get involved with it, because having questions about varieties and care, so it took only a few steps to get the owners of Global Orange Groves UK into the cooperation of the community. Global Orange Groves UK seels citrus trees which come from spain. All trees are indexed and are sold with the typical certification tag, labeling variety and rootstock, so here the quality of the trees is recommendable.

So Patrica Oliver helps with all her experience, once delivered her famous citrus fertilizer to german citrus passionists, but is still without a direct source in central europe for offering their fertilizer. Also, she has send citrus trees to gemany and has experience in evaluating prices, tax and other costs involved with such a difficult transport.

So if someone likes to have a look in their varieties list, here you can order anactual price and varieties list..

At the end of the varieties list attached is a order form, were you will find address and phone number, so give them a call if you require further informations, as if you like to have an special order, for example trees to the european main land. Also you can use the order form for ordering fertilizer, available as summer and winter mix.

The price is given, so you may include a checkque or cash money for order.

Cerdit cards are not accepted.

Global Orange Groves UK is the only Citrus Nursery cooperting with the community, offering service and support the citrus interested people. So Global Orange Groves UK follows the main aim of the community, to provide help and material for the people, having interests in citrus.

Since a couple of days Global Orange Groves UK have their own homepage, visit for closer inforamtions, about varieties and further informations.

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